September 14, 2020

NOW is the time to support your local Cafe/Pub/Aquarium...

Welcome to our live rolling coverage of launch week at Like Your Local!

5,4,3,2,1 Blast off 🚀

G'day planet Earth - this week we press the big green launch button. We hope you're going OK and thanks for taking the time to read this! We're hoping Like Your Local! will be just what's needed right now to help people support and grow their local businesses from Townsville to Tipperary.

We're actually super excited to begin learning what people want from a service like this and what we can build to best support small business next (Tropical fish chat bots? A digital currency based on Bill Murray trivia? a loyalty app for cats?) - to do this we'll need to listen to you - the community, and we're all ears. 🌽

In fact if you have any feedback, an idea or suggestion just fire it over on our contact page - we read each and every reasonable or insane suggestion and will do our best to respond as soon as we can!

Time for action 🎬

Keep a beady eye (or two) on our social content on the 'Gram and Pinterest in the coming weeks - we're going to be creating a range of content for small businesses that can be used by anyone and anywhere to help engage their community.

We want to turn this moment of supporting local business into a global movement, and help as many small businesses as possible unlock the love of their locals. How might we do this? In keeping with the best political movements we'll be distributing a range of slightly amusing left-field propaganda posters of course!

Help spread the word! 🥳

If you run a small business then consider joining for free today, we've worked super hard to make it super easy for busy business owners like you to setup your page in just a few clicks.

Or if you're not a small business owner but know someone who is, maybe just slip into their DM's and link them to our website - or just tag @like_your_local or hashtag #likeyourlocal and we'll slip into their DM's for you (We love that phrase).

Be well and chat soon 👌

Mark & Josh
Co-founders / small business owners / The geeks in your corner

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