Stadiums & sports venues

Your fan engagement just got promoted 🏟️

Plug-and-play feedback and fan engagement that helps you power-up any fixture at home or away!

Private feedback 🎤

Hear your fan feedback first

Continuously improve your fan or membership experience with private feedback that helps you identify and fix any little niggles - fast!

Healthier conversations
Better event feedback
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Grow social 👍

Save time growing your event following

Easily put all your important social and communication links in one easy to use place that fans can access easily.

Up event likes & follows
Great for Instagram and Facebook
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Smart signage 🖼️

Engage your fans at home and away

Your QR code and smart-posters link to your page to create powerful fan touch points at any location.

Increase engagement
a powerful fan touch point
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Easy merch 🙌

Move more merch, more often

Give your fans an easy way to buy food, drink, merch, tickets or giftcards at any time.

Up your sales
Increase merch frequency and volume
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What is Like Your Local?

The simplest way to engage your audience

Like Your Local! is a super effective business webpage, weblink and connected smart-posters that help people easily support and grow your organisation or event.

How does this work?

Register, share and get growing!

The online world is chocka-block with distraction for business owners and customers alike - Like Your Local! works by only linking people to your most valuable business goals.

2. Share 🔥

Add your buttons then share your weblink over social media and put a few posters up.

3. Grow! 🚀

Your community easily find and use your page to support your business - easy!