Customer check-in

Easy, super fast check-in for your customers ✍️

Use a simple QR code to let your customers easily check-in at any location and keep a record of who's been at your business.

Changing times 🎤

Easy customer check-in and record keeping

In these changing times, it needs to be to keep a record of your customer visit. Our customer check-in process is super, duper, simple to help keep your customer experience slick.

Fast check-ins
in flash at any location

QR Code 👍

Simply display your QR code

Just display a QR code or share one web link that connects any customer with a smart phone to your page where they check-in with just a few taps.

Popular uses:
• Print on signage
• Add to a menu or table service
• Display on digital displays
• Create POS materials
• Use as stickers or labels

Easy reporting 🧐

Everything is seamlessly recorded in the cloud

Keep it in the cloud - or download when you need to. Easily capture customer name, contact details and when they checked-in to your location.

Download or keep online
Super easy check-in reporting

Who's it for?

Perfect for any organisation or event

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