Customer feedback

Private feedback that builds better business 🎤

Easily collect private feedback that gives you the amazing ability to read your customers minds! (pretty much)

Private feedback 🎤

Hear your customer feedback first

Continuously improve your customer experience with private feedback that helps you identify and fix any little niggles - fast!

Business insights
Better business feedback

Customer relationships 👍

Turbo charge your customer experience

Give your customers a place to tell you how much they love you, their suggestions or just to let off some steam and create even happier experiences.

Happier customers
that help boost your bottom line

Business insights 🧐

Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Easy qualitative and quantitate reporting help give you the edge to build a better business.

Quant & qual data
Super easy feedback reports

Who's it for?

Perfect for any organisation or event

Like Your Local! is for any one who needs an easy way for their local community to support their business, organisation or event! It's great at growing local support for...