Tips and payments

Easily diversify your tips and revenue  🙌

Easily increase your tips or add a simple but powerful new channel to capture more payments.

Tips 👏

Effortlessly collect more tips

Simply add your preferred payment link to your tip button and share your page with your customers in-store and online.

Increase tips
Just add one link

Flexible payments 👍

Bring your own payments

Just add your preferred payment provider link (Like PayPal or Stripe) to let your community pay your easily.

Super simple
Start collecting payments in minutes

Smart signage 🖼️

Posters that passively increase revenue

Your QR code posters link to your page to create powerful customer touch points to submit payments at any location.

Passive payments
Allow customers to pay using a poster!

Who's it for?

Perfect for any organisation or event

Like Your Local! is for any one who needs an easy way for their local community to support their business, organisation or event! It's great at growing local support for...