QR Codes

QR codes that connect your customers to your priorities 📸

Generate a QR code that connects your customers with a powerfully simple webpage designed to grow what matters for your business.

Easy sharing 👍

Connect anyone with a smart phone

Anyone with a smart phone can connect with your page in seconds by simply scanning your unique QR code.

Any smartphone
works with all modern phones

Grow what matters 📈

Hear your customer feedback first

Continuously improve your event experience with private feedback that helps you identify and fix any little niggles - fast!

Healthier conversations
Better event feedback

Use it anywhere 🖼️

Online, in-store and on the street

Use your QR code anywhere your want your customers to connect with you like business cards, vehicle decals, marketing materials, clothing or even on your products - anywhere!

Powerful engagement
Rich and easy customer touchpoints

Who's it for?

Perfect for any organisation or event

Like Your Local! is for any one who needs an easy way for their local community to support their business, organisation or event! It's great at growing local support for...