Let's grow!

We're on a mission to help SME operators everywhere unlock the love of their local community and grow their business. There's no cost for our free plan - but if you like you can choose to support us by upgrading your plan any time - no worries!

❤️ Free


Free and always will be! Includes all your need for your local community to begin supporting you and will be free forever and ever and ever.

Whats included?

  • Unique Like Your Local! weblink
  • Custom business page
  • QR code enabled posters
  • Limited customer feedback 😃
  • Customer Check-ins ✍️
  • Downloadable QR code
  • Upload your logo
  • Facebook button 👍
  • Instagram button 💖
  • Website button 🌏
  • Gift card button 🎁
  • Get started button 🏁
  • Booking button 🗓️
  • Leave a review button ⭐
  • Online store button 🛒
  • Basic business details 📌
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🔥 Pro

Only a /month

Pro includes handy upgrades to power-up your page and brand. It's just a coffee a month ($4.50 or the equivalent in your currency) on our annual plan (We love coffee!)

Whats included?

  • Everything in the free plan plus (drum roll...)
  • Custom background colours
  • Hide Like Your Local! branding
  • Custom opening hours
  • Unlimited customer feedback 😄
  • Menu button 😋
  • Food menu button 🍽️
  • Drinks list button 🥂
  • Order button 🚚
  • News & updates button ✨
  • Special offers button 🤩
  • Events page button 🥳
  • Competition link button 🏆
  • Newsletter signup button 📬
  • Donation/Fundraise button ❤️
  • Leave a tip button 🤑
  • 25% discount (when paid annually)
  • Basic reporting
  • Basic support
  • No contracts, fuss or funny business!
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🧨 Super Pro

Let's chat!

Super Pro is great if you need to manage lots of listings or need special super powers and unique customisation. Did we mention we really love coffee?

Whats included?

  • Everything in the free and pro plan plus (slightly louder drum roll...)
  • Manage multiple venues
  • Unique customisation
  • Custom reporting (coming soon!)
  • Paid supporters (coming soon!)
  • Verification badge
  • Premium support
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Frequently asked Q's 🧐

Here's some stuff that we get asked a heap - if you need a little something-something thats not answered below then please just drop us a line!

Does this thing work with my Business/Project/Cult?

Yep! If you need a quick and easy way for your community to support your business, interest or mission then Like Your Local! is your new best friend.

Register for free in just a few clicks then use our super simple business page and smart posters to begin building awareness and support from your local community!

Please note, that we only work with good cults - like Cross-fit.

Does this thing work for my Town/Country/Planet?

Yes, yes and yes! We created Like Your Local! to enable people to support any small business anywhere on planet Earth* - so long as your customers use a smart phone and you have somewhere to stick a poster up - then this is for you!

*Other planets will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How does this 'smart poster' thing work?

It's really easy - here's a quick 1,2,3...

1. Business signs up
when a business signs up they choose their unique Like Your Local! web link.

2. Code generated
We then generate a QR code (it's like a barcode that can be read with any smart phone) that connects to that businesses Like Your Local! page.

3. Poster generated
We then auto-magically merge this QR code with our poster designs. The business can find these smart posters when they login on their dashboard - then they just download, print out then stick up their poster.

That's it - easy!

How much does this thing cost?

Get started for free! Nothing, zilch, nada - this includes all you need to start building support for your business, like a basic business web page and smart poster.

If you need a little more 'oomph' like more powerful buttons and branding you can upgrade any time to our Pro plan and help support this project! The Pro plan costs pretty much the same as buying a coffee/tea/soft drink per month (we love liquid refreshments!🧃).

And if you need even more bells and whistles (like managing lots of businesses or need special customisation) then we have a Super Pro plan - just drop us a line and we can have a little chat about making this work for your specific needs - no worries!

I need to list lots of places - help!

No worries! If you need to list or manage lots of businesses just get in touch and we can figure out how we can best support you with a Super Pro plan - we can even give you a hand getting everything setup pronto (which is Spanish for 'very fast')!